It is time for me to come back to the land of the living.  It is now November 2011.  A rare day, actually, it is a palindrome, 11-02-2011.  That date in itself should be enough reason to come back to life.

In order to clear the air, we can address a couple of facts and fictions.

The Pan Am Games have come and gone, and albeit it was a dissapointing end of the season, you can only move onward.  Or once again, so I am told.

Fact: I did have a mishap before the TT at the PAG and ended up with a concussion.  Concussions should not be taken lightly.   No amount of road rash can equal the damage that can be done to the brain.  A storm grate on a dark morning in Mexico and an impressive face plant may have left me with a couple of weeks of letting that brain rest and regenerate.  Black eye? Sure.  Broken heart? Absolutely.  Resolve?  I will have to find it.

Positive: I can learn from my preparation and experience, and I did not lose any teeth in the fall.

Fiction: After this I decided to stay in Mexico and live off of street tacos and rice pudding.

Fact: My sister did point out that my bruised face and body did resemble the fall colors of deep purples and reds.  What are sisters for.

Positive: I think she hit that one on the head, pardon the pun.

Fiction: I intended to make my face look like the season.

Fact: I have so many people to thank for an incredible, challenging year, and I am bery humbled and looking to keep my priorites right, and my goals focused.

Positive:  I am very blessed.

Fiction: I am going to give up.


Entering November.  Time to reevaluate.  Renew.  Reset.

I continue to be humbled by the support, by the patience, and the sacrifice.  Thank you for joining the mission.


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