32 Intervals in 3 days

The Mission seemed simple enough, if I chose to accept it.  Of course I was going to accept it, did I have a choice?  The instructions were clear.  Not much room for mistake or confusion.  There was no self-destruction upon the delivery off the mission, but there was supposed to be some upon the completion.  If these missions were performed sufficiently, destruction was imminent. 

The mission:  In the final week of training, complete two simple assignments.  Two tests.  A 1 minute power test and a 5 minute power test. 

That is it.  There were no tricks or sparks upon the delivery of the message.  It was concise.  A grand total of 6 minutes of pain, but then I was done and done.  Seems simple enough. 

It was Tuesday morning, and I set off on this mission.  The wind was infuriating.  In true Winne the Pooh form, it was a blustery day in Marin.  I was determined.  At the end of the day, I had 17 recorded intervals on the SRM.  17? I had just had two measly intervals to do.  I rode straight to Endurance PTC to see Charlie.  I was already thinking of all the excuses that I had come up with during the failed sets.  Did C really want to hear the excuses?  

  • 1 minute is really long, and every time I looked at my SRM I had only been in the interval for 23s. It was a long 37s after that.  Needless to say, that was the reason for quitting 4 of the intervals. 60s is too long.
  • I dropped a chain.  No really, I did.
  • I flatted.  I really did.  (It was my first time using a CO2 cartridge BTW)
  • It was windy. Downright Blustery.
  •  I was tired, wasn’t this the off-season
  • I ran out of road.
  • I ran off the road.
  • The road went downhill.

I tried again.  Wednesday.  Didn’t happen.  My mind was not there, but body wasn’t responding, and came home with 13 intervals on the SRM for 2 failed intervals.  What is wrong with me? 

  • I shifted into the wrong gear
  • My iPod flew off
  • The road went uphill too steep
  • My glasses fell off
  • I got tired
  • Looked at the SRM 23s in, and 37s was too long
  • Did I mention how LONG a minute is, and don’t get me started on 5 minutes…I acutally preferred the 5 minutes!

That’s it.  In a hail mary effort, I went into Endurance PTC today to do the intervals in a controlled environment.  I needed some structure, I needed some supervision.  I will admit it, I needed help.  I put the bike on the CT and went for it.  1 minute done.  5 minute done.  Mission accomplished.

32 intervals.  3 days.  32 attempts for 2 successful efforts.  In the end of the day, I completed the mission, destroyed myself to do so, and now I have the data for next year.  Why did I need to fail 30 times before completing the mission?  Who knows, but I am stubborn enough to do anything, just give me time to beat my head against the wall.  That is what determination is.  That is what being understanding is.  Keep trying, take your excuses, but don’t use them until you need to have them.  But, I will admit, I used several excuses these last couple of days… I am embarassed to admit that. 

Levi’s Grand Fondo this weekend.  Intervals up Kings Ridge, anyone?

Mission accomplished.  This message will self-destruct, if I have already done so already in 23s.

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