And the rain comes.

What do you do when its raining?

I am beginning to ask myself that question as I look at the weather forecast. There are many options. I compiled a list, since I tend to be a list maker type of person.

The tough:
Put on fenders.
Put on fenders on the front and the rear.
Where latex gloves under your gloves.
Put ziploc bags on your feet under your socks, in your shoes, under you shoe covers.
Where a rain jacket.
Find a good friend to join you.

The not-so-tough:
Ride rollers.
Ride a trainer.
Find a good movie to accompany you.

I think I will…
Take a rest day.

What does that make me?  It makes me a girl that just got done with 2 weeks at track camp.  Cheers to that.

Maybe I will find a good movie, and that doesn’t include rollers.

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