Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox.  The transition from summer to winter.  Welcome, Autumn. 

This morning, Marin welcomed the arrival of Autumn with one of the most spectacular mornings.  The air was clear, and was lacking the crisp autumn feeling.  It was absolutely balmy.  A true blue bird morning. 

Welcome, Autumn.
With the changes in seasons, it is with great satisfaction that I begin wrapping up the 2009 racing season as well.  What a great year.  A year full of challenges, successes, failures, but most importantly, growth.  I have no choice but to continue to build on this year as I anxiously await the next season.  I am not the most patient person, and a part of me wants 2010 to happen now.  I want to attack it head on, yet I know the month of upcoming rest and refocus will help energize me and increase my determination and resilience for next year.  I need to remain glued to the target, each day is a new day of development and one closer step to my goal. 
Autumn is such a beautiful time of year.  It is a time of transitions as we segue into the next season.  Not only is my very best friend named after this time of the year, but I have always had a special place for this time of year.  I love the summer, and I love all the good things that go with it, but you can’t live in the summer forever.  You have to start winding down, reflecting, and getting ready for winter.  This is the time of the year we can recognize how thankful we are for our friends, our family, and our faith.  The weather is predictable, we can go for long rides if we want, yet we don’t have to.  We can truly slow down and appreciate the changes not only in the weather, but the changes in the world as well.  We don’t have to let life fly by, we can sit down for just a moment and appreciate where we are…
However, the days are getting shorter and there is less light for the late afternoon bike rides.  Please be careful out there, and be smart.  The light is getting lower, and cyclist are more difficult for cars to see.
On a very personal note, one of my good friends, Monique Petrov, was recently involved in a terrible collision with a vehicle on Lucas Valley Road while she was returning from a training ride.   MoP was planning to head to Kona to compete at the Ironman World Championships in a couple of weeks, and now has had to undergo over 18 hours of surgery and is miraculously healing, although still in intensive care.  She is a dedicated athlete, and she is strong.  She will recover, but she needs all our thoughts and prayers.  She is truly an inspiration and such an amazing woman.  She has already surpassed the doctor’s expectations.  With our continued support and her stamina, she will maintain this promising path of recovery.  If you would like to check in on her, there has been a blog created for her.  Send her some love!
I am happy Autumn is here, and I am also content that the cold weather also hasn’t started creeping in.  That’s why I like this season, it allows us to be transitioned into the next season without shocking our systems into winter right away.  Be thankful for the little things out there, and slow down just for a minute to appreciate the warm sun, cool air, and this transitional time of year. 

Be thankful.  Welcome, Autumn.

On to summer in Las Vegas now!  Interbike here I come.

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