Being a Girl Scout

Why do we set goals?  Do we always set them in order to acheive them?  Or do we plan them as a benchmark or milestone?

I don’t set goals that I can always achieve.  I believe that you should actually only be able to accomplish 60% of your goals.  If you can secure more than that, then your goals are just challenges, not a pie in the sky dream.  I like to dream big.  It isn’t about checking the goals off of a list, it is about the journey involved.  When I look back on the years and the vision, I don’t see the huge goal, I see the experiences along the way.  I see life.

I recently took a journey down to LA.  Oh yes, that is a journey.  I love my NorCal, so to get me to SoCal, takes quite a bit of a motivation.  What is this motivation? Track Camp.  Kind of like summer camp, but at the ADT Center in LA on a wooden velodrome with USA Cycling.  It is an awesome experience to build power, fitness, and skills on the track.  I am very fortunate to be here.  Nothing but left turns around the track, and nothing but a lot of pain in the legs.  Bring on the muscle and power.  Bring on the track.

My Grandpa lives down here, so I stopped in for a visit.  He is a big supporter, and always has been.  I have been so blessed with such a loving family and solid foundations.  I was chatting with his energetic wife, Minette, who was asking me the official responsibilities of a professional cyclist.  I responded with the most simplistic list possible.

  • Compete
  • Train
  • Interact
  • Be Prepared

She thought about it for a moment, and then responded, “That’s nice, honey. It is like being a Girl Scout!”  Maybe she is right.  I am prepared for anything these days.  I am a Girl Scout.

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