Best ride of my life.

Yesterday I had the best ride of my life.   Have I said that before? Yes.  Will I say that again? Absolutely. 

However, yesterday was the best ride of my life.

For those of you didn’t get to appreciate the day here in Marin, California, it was a flawless day.  It was October 24th and 80 degrees.  Crystal clear. No wind. What a perfect day for a bike ride. 

I left late, around noon.  It was a luxurious start to the day.  There was no hurry and no rush.  It was my day to get on the bike because it was flawless.  Maybe the ride was so great because it is the off-season, and riding is now a treat.  A special indulgence that I can allow myself.  Maybe it was that I was well rested, my legs are fresh, and ready to ride.  Maybe it is because it wasn’t running, it wasn’t yoga, it wasn’t power walking, and it wasn’t hiking.  It was fast, it was rhythmic, it was exhilarating, it was monotonous, it was everything road riding should be.  Maybe riding is just fun, and Marin is a spectacular place to live and ride your bike.  Maybe.

Yesterday was the best ride of my life and I could soak it all in.  Soak in the sun, the views and God’s creation.  I loved it.  Absolutely.  

Riding 4 hours by myself gave me the time to think of all sorts of things.  Life is a good on the bike, and the time to yourself is always nice.  Reflection and enjoyment.  Like I said, it was a good day yesterday.   

I think you should have countless “best rides of your life”.  You should have good days and you should have bad days.  Yet, you should also have “best days”.   This is what keeps us going on the hard days, this is what gets us out on a drizzly day in the the winter base training.  We can remember those days that you allowed yourself to only do what you wanted, and it was perfection.

Go and do it.  Have the best ride of your life.

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