Finding myself in NZL

The Tour of NZL has been a tough race.  New Zealand is a beautiful country, and it has offered us hills, rain, wind, and undulating countryside.  What more could you ask for in a bike race?

I have found myself in a ditch.  In the wind.  Up King of the Mountain climbs. In a chaotic sprint finish.  In warm humid rain. On gravel roads. Through cities and farmlands.  From coast to coast.  Over rivers. From beaches to the forest, I have seen so much.  And we have only done 4 stages.  2 more stages to go.

I have yet to see a kiwi, but I have seen my fair share of sheep.

Wrap Up: USA National Team has won 2 stages, and secured the yellow jersey.  We have fought long and hard to protect the jersey.  Never discredit the power of the yellow jersey.  Much work is necessary to ensure its safety.  Welcome to my life. 

It has been an honor to race with some of the finest women in the world.  I am truly privileged to be getting this experience and learning under such incredible direction.

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