What fuels you?

What motivates and drives you to go the great distances?  What is the oxygen to your internal flame?

Be it oxygen, a donut, sun, faith, or a dream…


That seemed to be the theme of my ride today. *insert personal superhero theme music here*

As deep and analytical as it sounds, there could be a couple of other reasons for such a trek.  It could be because Metallica “Fuel” played way too early in the ride and I was taken aback by the loud drums and the beat.  “Give me fuel, give me fire, give me that which I desire.”  It was 8am.  I didn’t want fuel or fire, or rock music, so I thought.  Or it could be that I decided to pretend my Maple Nut Clif Bar was really a maple glazed donut, and I must inhale it 50 minutes into my ride, since that was the obvious smart choice.  It also could be that I have the Pan Am Games in October, and I am incredibly motivated to train for the event.  Or perhaps it was the ominous weather that left you with that eerie sense of changing seasons and changing times with its unique lighting over the landscape.

It was a solo journey of introspection, hard constant riding, and the opportunity to think.  I didn’t necessarily come up with a novel realization, but for those hours, I had the chance to attempt to solve world problems, or at least pretend to do just that.  Although the issues remain unsolved, I have a greater appreciation for my fuel, my faith, and this life.

However, the bar(s) wore off by the time I entered Olema, and I was in search of some real fuel.  Rice krispie treat? Check.  Cream soda?  Check.  Wait, I need one more cookie?  Yes.  Ah.  Fuel.

Our bodies need fuel, and our souls need fuel. I know I have that fire within, and I know I need to feed that both physically, mentally, and spiritually.  That is fuel, right?  Whatever it may be.  Today it was so much more.  Pan Ams.  Sugar.  Oxygen.  Caffeine.  You name it.

Don’t forget to fuel yourself.

This is a day of remembrance. 9/11.

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