Giro Day 2

Sacile to Riese Pio X

Giro Donne.

Stage 2. 


98 degrees and 60 percent humidity.  It was hot.  Race time was 3:22.  I drank 7 bottles.  Did I mention it was hot?  Mamma mia, it was hot.  I tried to convince some of the racers to just do one finishing circuit and go to the beach, but apparently it was race time.

Well, actually the race was 130k, but we had 5k of neutral, and I must count that.  I was pedalling my bike and fighting for position, therefore I count those k’s.

It was relatively flat, and we were anticipating another furious sprint finish.  And that is what was delivered.  With some attacks, and a couple riders off the front, they were quickly reeled in while the peloton blasted through the finishing circuits.  The leadout trains were established, and we were gunning for Shelley.  There was a crazy crash in the last 1k, but Shelley sprinted for a solid 4th. Ina won. Bronzini. Vos. Shelley O Evans.  She makes me proud.

“OOOsssa…” Did a good job today.

TT on tap tomorrow.

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