I chose SRAM.

What to bike races and Star Alliance have in common?

There are only a couple of places in this world where I feel important, not that feeling important is necessary, but it is nice every once in awhile.  Bike Races and Star Alliance Frequent Flyer Program.   I am not that important of a traveler, but I am getting close.  At least I get “VIP” access.  Being able to blaze through the shorter lines, or possibly get upgraded to first class because business class just won’t do, is quite a luxury.  It is similar to getting a call up on a technical NRC crit.  Well, something like that.

You may see me on two commercials during the TdF coverage.

Here is the link to the commercial for SRAM.

Click HERE

Until I find my next calling, which may not be acting, I will have to settle with my call-ups and business class.

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