In it’s own way, a gift.

The thoughtful notes and calls do not go unnoticed, although they may take a bit to respond to, and you may wonder what I have been doing with my time.  Shouldn’t a quick response be easy?

Hit the deck hard, and then try to think.  Better yet, I don’t reccomend that in the least.  Needless to say, I have collected these notes and calls and read them , and reread them when I am feeling low, or just in need of a little pick up.  I am not allowed much coffee during this rehab, so I will take whatever extra jolt I can get.  I am learning the caffeine of human kindness for the soul is much more effective then the caffeine for the jitters.  Although I still appreciate and treasure my single cup of coffee a day.

Speaking of coffee though, Brian sent me some amazing coffee from the DoubleShot Coffee Company in Tulsa, OK, and I would highly recommend this!  I have been thoroughly enjoying it!

Thank you for that.  Thank you for the notes and calls.

One of my favorite thoughts from these  is:

This time to sit is not wasteful, but in its own way, a gift.

I have pondered this statement for quite some time now.  Could it be true?  Maybe.  I am still slow moving, and haven’t been able to be that productive yet.  My brain isn’t functioning as efficient as it once did, and I tend to go into a daze staring out the window thinking of all the things I would rather be doing.  I don’t want to sit here.  I don’t want to rest.  Rest is for the weak.  Yet, I find myself with no other option but to sit.

Is it a gift?  I will let you know when I come up with the answer.

For now, I am contemplating discovering new hobbies.  Should I knit?  Cross-stitch?  Or maybe I should start making jewelry?  There is a whole world out there that is going under discovered by me right now.  There is only so much sight-seeing I can do from behind this computer screen.  However, I am not wasting this time, I will turn into into a gift.  A gift of relaxation, if I can stand it.  A gift of self-discovery.  A gift of thought and prayer.  I will not waste this time, but I will look forward to the future.  A future where I will be stronger and more motivated than ever (which is scary thought in itself).  Each day we have on this earth is a gift.  Yes, a gift.  Even if we are stuck in bed, it is still a gift to be here.

“My grace is sufficient for you.  For My power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Cor 12:9

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