Lady GaGa

You know I love Lady GaGa, but I think I love the girls that I went with to the show even more!  We had a great time watching her as she toured San Francisco.

It was 7 of us.  4 professional cyclists. 2 uber good amateur athletes. 1 electric friend from ACU.  Can you pick a better group to go with?  Irish national TT champ, US National team riders, EU pros… and a little Lady Gaga!  We “just danced” the night away.

Lesson learned: 4 hrs at a concert in high heels dancing is as good as cross training.  I woke up sore, tired, and in need of a rest day after this concert. How do people do this stuff?  Give me my 9pm bedtimes back! 

Dancing + Lady GaGa + High Heels = Cross Training*

*Heart rate monitor was not worn for this equation

We might have upstaged the Lady.

We might have upstaged the Lady.

My coach e-mailed me that night to tell me my plan for the next day.  I decided not to respond during the concert, but wait until the next morning.  We all need a little fun every now and then, right?  I couldn’t ask for a better night or better friends!

Back to training, but with some good music to listen to and a little motivation, also a high appreciation for cross training in heels!

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