National Girls and Women in Sports Day #NGWSD

It is National Girls and Women in Sports Day.  Who would have thought?

Why are sports so important for women?

Sports build confidence, character, and responsibility.  Sports demonstrate to a young girl that she is strong, capable, and worthy.

Sports shaped my childhood.  Sports took me to college and continue to be a huge part of my life.

Is that MY mom? Absolutely.

The first female athlete I looked up to was my mom.  Not only could she reach everything I couldn’t, she was strong and fearless.  Horseback riding. Fence fixing. Century riding. Varmint killing.  School shuttling.  Dinner cooking.  Piano playing.  Ditch digging. Tennis competing. Calf branding. Yoga practicing.  She did it all.  Nothing phased her.  She could conquer anything.  She oozes power and athletic prowess.  She is an athlete in its purest form.

Just imagine if Title IX was in full effect when she was younger?  The opportunities she could have had!  However, she did teach me that sports doesn’t always have to be sanctioned event, sometimes it is just life.  She chose an athletic life, and in doing so, shaped my life as well.  That being said, she is on the USTA National Team for her age bracket.  Impressed much?  I sure am.

Today, appreciate those women that have paved the way for sport.  Those that have demonstrated athletic is attractive and attainable.  Anything is possible.  Sports don’t have to define you, but are an incredible part of life.  Laughter is found.  Dedication is summoned.  Pride is taken.

Activity is my passion.  Cycling is my expression.

Cycling has a long way to go for women, but we aren’t giving up on it yet.  One step at a time.  I am thankful for a team like Team Exergy2012 that supports these dreams and does not settle for mediocrity.  Women that do not stand idly by, but speak not only with their professionalism but their actions as well.

Thank you to the women, like my mom and many others, who set an example, and have increased the opportunities for women in sports.  Thank you to those that support us.

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