Not a bad commute…

I do a lot of commuting on my bike.  Yes, it is good for the environment.  Not only am I sparing the air, but I am also causing less wear and tear on our roads and offer a variety of other benefits to our society.  I operate on very low emissions, and very good gas mileage.  You give me some coffee, peanut butter and a banana and I will hit the road and ride in from Larkspur to SF very efficiently.  However, I do have a selfish side to my commute.  I like to ride my bike.  I get to work in the morning already having experienced the great outdoors at high speeds, and I have a little better outlook on my day.  Sometimes with a full work week, it is difficult to find time to get on the bike.  Since I am an excellent time manager, commuting on my bike kills two birds with one stone.  I am transporting myself to work, and doing some low intensity “training” at zone 1 and zone 2.  It doesn’t get much better then that.  You ask me how I get my fitness?  Sometimes I just sneak it into my daily routines, and a commute is a great place to do just that. 

If you ever do see me on my commute, you may even pass me at ease.  I tend to travel quite slowly from Point A to Point B and the local commuters some times try to race.  I rarely take the bait, and am satisfied taking my time to enjoy the sights and sounds of Marin in the morning.  Yet, when it is trash day, riding behind the Waste Management truck can take away that simple pleasure.  Riding into work is glorious.  A tailwind the whole way.  Riding home can often be a different story, the infamous headwind out of the city has caused some extreme negativity at times…but it is all good in the end. 

As work goes, you can’t always have time to take the long way into work.  Many times I have to get to work by 6:30am, and that takes the fun out of the commute.  That’s when I opt for the public transportation of the Golden Gate Ferry.  Not bad either.

Long story short, a bike commute is not a bad way to go.  I can ride into work, or ride home.  It helps add to my training volume, shake out the legs after a tough race, or just burn some energy on my rest days.  Lately, I have had difficulty in finding my place in the balance of commuters.  The pedestrians don’t like me on the bike path because I scare them and their little white dog, yet the cars don’t seem to like me on the road either.  Where do I belong?  It beats me.  Until I find out, I will keep pedalling my bike to and from work and to all the fun places in between. 

This morning, a local rider rode up to me…as he was about to pass me up the hill…

“Not a bad commute, eh?”

“No, not at all.  Pretty ideal actually”

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