On Tap

Oh goody.  The doldrum of off-season is winding down, and plans are coming.  Plans with not much structure, but plans nonetheless.

I await the plans.   The plans, the plans.

On tap for now:

  • Look USA Team TIBCO calender produced by VeloNews!  Photoshoot next week.   “Look” to get yours for 2010!
  • Team TIBCO will be the only USA represented women’s UCI Pro Team!  That’s big time!
  • Rock n’Roll Health Fair at TIBCO, we will be there, with a Rock n’Roll Trainer to give away!
  • Strength training…no really, do I need to do this?  I have the tendency to bulk up!  Uh oh. 
  • Rollers, rollers, rollers. 
  • Riding, running, lifting….cross? MTB? Maybe. 
  • Big goals, big time.
  • Team ride in Woodside with our new TIBCO club team, and our favorite Over the Hill Gang!

All right, lots on tap…lots of fun.  Getting geared up.  Getting ready.

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