I have a true passion to wear a RoadID. I don’t get up on my soapbox very often, but here it is today.

It is pivotal to train, race, travel, with emergency contact information.  RoadID is a revolutionary company for active people to feel safe when they are out, and for loved ones to be able to be contacted immediately if an unfortunate accident occurs.

I am a professional cyclist, and I used a Road ID. Read my testimonial there.

I have a special coupon code to use here!  It is “pcAS10” and that gives you a 10% discount!  It is a perfect holiday gift, not only for cyclists, but for running, skiing, hiking, horseback riding, and all other activities.  Please get a Road ID for your active loved ones.

I train so much by myself, and I take great comfort in knowing that I have my Road ID on just in case.  It helped me in a professional bike race, as I was unconcisous and being airlifted out….and it could help me in hot yoga!  You never know what goes on in those classes.

First person to comment on the blog that doesn’t have a Road ID will get a special surprise!

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