Rules of the Track #1

The first rule of the track, is there are no rules,   Oh wait, no.  There are a lot of rules for track riding and track racing. 

I will tell you this.  The track is like the freeway.  You can’t just stop on the freeway, you have to plan ahead for your exits and entrances.  Think about on-ramps, and off-ramps.

And whatever you do, don’t stop pedalling.  Rule number 1: Do not stop pedalling

That can kind of be like life, right?  You keep it rolling at all times.  You don’t give up, and you keep turning those pedals.  If you keep those legs moving, you keep the momentum, and you can surmount anything, even a 45 degree embankment.   However, unlike life…. on the track, if you do stop pedalling, you won’t last long.  But, you will hit the deck and learn the lesson.  Never stop pedalling.

Keep it up.  Don’t stop pedalling.

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