Sea Otter.

Sea Otter. 

The Interbike that is held outdoors.  The Sea Otter is normally known for its fantastic mountain bike venues, but they have developed quite the road races as well.

Team TIBCO took the Otter by storm. 

4 races in 4 days. 

When we weren’t racing, we were visiting sponsors, doing commercials, photo opps, schmoozing and then remembering to eat!  It was such a busy week that I think I need a vacation after the Otter.  The weather was specatcular.  Warm sun, clear skies.  We stayed in “host housing” up on a hill in the beautiful Carmel Valley.  It was such a treat to escape to our guest house and get off of our feet after such a long day racing, then walking, then racing, then talking, then… well, you get the picture. 

We were so PRO at the Otter.  We got the VIP parking pass and were free to drive and park where we pleased.  It took the logistical stress out of the equation.  LOOK set us up a sweet stake out at their booth, and we were free to basically move in.   

Sponsors visited:

  • LOOK Cycles
  • SRAM
  • Sidi
  • Thule
  • Voler
  • Cliff

More to come on the Otter.  Getting back into the swing of things at home!

Races Completed:

  • Sea Otter Crit, Thursday (Shaped like a hot dog on Laguna Seca)
  • Sea Otter Road Race, Friday (brutal hilly course in Fort Ord)
  • Sea Otter Circuit, Saturday (can we say Laguna Seca)
  • Santa Cruz Criterium, Sunday (the “historic” beach hill in SC)

Photo by Garrett Lau

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