Show Me.

Welcome to Missouri.  The Show Me State.

At the conclusion of the Tour of Missouri Women’s Series, all I have to say is…Team TIBCO showed Missouri a thing or two.  Maybe next year there will be Women’s TofMO?

The Tour of Missouri Women’s Series = 4 Crits

TIBCO wins = 4

TIBCO dominated Tour of MIssouri Women’s Series.  Nice work, ladies.

Sunday’s crit was another tough day.  It started raining about 3 minutes into the crit.  Not enough rain to clean the roads of the oil and residue, so the roads become as slick as ice. Thus, 16 minutes into the race there was a big crash.  The race was neutralized for 14 minutes.  There is nothing as sobering as a crash mid race.  The entire vibe of the race was changed…

All that comes to mind is that nice old French doctor that I met in the ambulance after my crash in Stage 5 of La Route… He said, “Aw…pretty girls, why do you race your bicycles….such pretty girls…”

Why do we do this?  Such peril we put ourselves in… For what? For sport, for fun, for dreams, for goals, for….the love of it all I guess.

The mood of the race changed for awhile, then we were able to light it up once again… After some solid teamwork, Brooke won Day 3.  This one came down to a photo finish…butg BLWM knew she had it, who else could win that race, but none other then Brooke Miller?

Today.  Final Stage.  It was the official first day of the Tour of Missouri.  The crowds were epic.  We raced in Downtown St. Louis…with the Gateway Arch in the background…The race was hard and fast, but once again, a break was not going to go up the road.  The pace was too fast, and the course wasn’t selective enough.  It was going to come down to a bunch sprint.  Perfect.  Just what we wanted.  I covered some moves…then wanted to cover some more.  Kat rode up alongside of me after I had launched off of the front, she said sternly, “Don’t do that again unless I tell you to you…” “Yes, Ma’am.”.

3 laps to go. I get to the front to keep the tempo high.  A VAC rider launches…I need to keep a steady tempo, but real in the riders as they attack.  We must keep the group together for Brooke.  One lap to go, I light it up…pull through.  Attacks happen…Kat jumps, pulls BLWM to the final corner…and Brooke sprints for the win!

We won we won!  Brooke Miller, 4 for 4. Team TIBCO, 4 for 4.  Wow.  I think you call that a clean sweep.  Don’t you?

I think we showed the Show Me State a thing or two.

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