So much to do, so little time.

You would think that since it is now October, I should have nothing but free time to immerse myself in my blog, in my plans for next year, and that cherished off-season.  However, I seem to have taken a wee bit of an off-season, say from the end of July through August.  Something about a “forced” off-season and a broken pelvis come to mind…

No off-season? Sweet!  I remember texting my coach from the hospital and asking her if I had to take an off-season now.  She told me to relax and heal.  I have healed, and I have relaxed somewhat, so now what!? I am jumping at the opportunity to RIDE through October.  Living in Northern California, October is one of our finest months.  It is warm, it is calm, it is dry, and it is beautiful.  The true Indian Summer.  My teammates and friends are now thinking about their off-season, and taking time off the bike, and they are viewing me with a slight bit of jealousy as I can ride into the warmth of October.

No off-season for me.  I had one of those already.  What am I doing with my time?  I am riding.  I had just ramped up my rides to a tedious 3.5 hours (but who is complaining), and then Levi’s Gran Fondo came (103miles!?).  I simply love this event and would not miss it for the world.  I highly respect Levi and the cause of the ride, and you better believe I was there!  I will fill you more in on that later.  Levi’s GF was followed by the annual USA Cycling Development Foundation fundraiser ride, called the Marin Classic.  Nothing like a 103 mile ride followed by a 50 mile ride with some strong guys! I love the Marin Classic because I can meet some of USA Cycling’s biggest supporters and thank them for all they do for us!

Next weeked, end there are more rides and more fun!  It is time to do the charity ride tour.  Let’s see what I have on tap.

Oct 9: Levi’s Gran Fondo

Oct 10: Marin Classic

Oct 16: MCBC Biketoberfest

Oct 17: Olympic Club Fall Fun Ride

Oct 24: World Bicycle Relief Ride w/Scott Z

So much to do…so little time… Get to ride my bike, and eat!  That is the true life of the professional cyclist.  I will ride for food.

More details to come…

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