Thanksgiving Roll Call: Day 1 “Family”

Thank you.

I might say this every year, but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Who needs Christmas when you have Thanksgiving.  Maybe it is because I love my mom’s rotisserie turkey.  Maybe it is because Thanksgiving has always been simple with my family.  Just family.  Just food.  Just a bike ride before the meal.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it, and it is a little early in the morning to be thinking of a roasted turkey, dressing, gravy and mashed potatoes.  Or is it that I think whip cream should be in its own exclusive food group of deliciousness and pumpkin is one of my favorite foods.

Pumpkin everything.  Yes.  Everything.

There is no expectations of gifts or fake festivities.  Thanksgiving is just for food, family, and warmth.  I am craving that now.  One more week to go.  It couldn’t come soon enough, yet I want to relish it.  Cherish it.  Not let these moments slip away.

In honor of Thanksgiving.  I am going to begin my 2011 wrap-up with a Thanksgiving “Roll Call”.  To thank those who have been a part of the year.  For those who have picked me up when I was down (literally), and for those that have provided me the support and framework to pursue my dreams.

First things first.

Sister & parents on the Ranch. Fearsome Threesome. Then I showed up...

My family.  My family is simple incredible.

Yes, my parents really are that gorgeous.

This year my grandfather won 2 National titles at USAC Master’s Nationals and has not only inspired me, but many others.  My parents have loved me no matter what.  They love me in spite of my failures, and regardless of my successes.  They may have recently replaced me with the cat and the hummingbird feeder outside of the kitchen window, but I know they are there for me.  Their example is impeccable and their love is resilient.

Grandparents, Dave Towle, and my dad!

My sister has talked to me at all hours to bolster my confidence and lift my spirit.  She is beautiful inside and out, and I love her.  My grandma has filled my heart with laughter and smiles.  Thank you, family.  I would not be here without you.

I love my sister.

That completes the Thanksgiving Roll Call, Day 1.  My family.  If they are still “subscribed” to my blog they will get this.  If not, they are already sick of me.  But thank you!

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