The Great Escape

Another day in the office.  Yet, my office is the roads of West Marin. 

I often think of bike riding as an escape.  When I can get on my bike, the weight of the day is released and the adventure doors are swung wide open.  The options are endless, the great outdoors awaits, and it is my time to either reflect, or converse with a friend.  Contrary to popular belief, I can be quiet for times and just enjoy the day, but I don’t mind the company on the road either.  However, when it is your job to be on your bike, through the good days and bad days, can it still be viewed as an escape? 

When working, and you can manage to squeeze a few hours in on the bike, you are lucky.  You view those couple of hours as a “treat”.  It is your time to play, gain fitness, improve your mood, and just enjoy the day.  Bike riding can be an escape and a treat. 

When discussing with a friend yesterday during the ZTeam’s Mini GranFondo, that this was “all in a days work” for me, I got to thinking.  Really?  Is this my office?  Do I view this as a job?  Absolutely.  Cycling has evolved into something I take seriously.  I am focused.  I am driven.  I am determined.  Just because I am all these things, doesn’t mean that I don’t love my job.  My job is the bike, and that is the greatest treat of all.  No, you don’t love your job every day, but more often then not, I love my job. 

Summer is still lingering here in Marin, and there is no better time to get out on your bike.  Tis the season of Grand Tour of Charity Rides and predictable weather.  Go for it.  Treat yourself, and allow a little time to escape into the great outdoors this week!  Do it for me, considering I will be under the neon lights of Vegas and missing my escape as another part of the job take precedence.  Work beckons this week, and it won’t be on the bike.  Come next, I will be looking for an escape again…

Saturday, I will be doing the Chileno Valley Classic, benefiting the NorCal MTB League… Check it out!

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