To run or not to run.

The great debate begins.  To run, or not to run? 

I have recently taken up running again.  It is my first time running in 2009.  I had no idea what to expect of the outcome, but I decided to venture into the “dark side” of running in order to get some of the off-season energy released.  

I am four days for four days for running.  And what have I noticed?  The scenery goes by much slower when running as compared to cycling.  However, you may find this relaxing.  Nothing to think about but placing one foot if front of the other.  There is less hassle.  All you need is your shoes, and it is so time efficient.  I forgot how much impact was involved in running, and my calves, back, and quads are feeling the pain.  But, in all, the run was a nice break…but I am ready to get back on my bike.

When training specifically for cycling, running does not mimic the demands for cycling… However, a little cross-training never hurt for the off-season.  The big difference in running versus cyclings, is that running is an eccentric contraction.  This means that the muscle lengthens as you are attempting to shorten it.  Yet in cycling, you are using concentric contractions which means the muscles shorten as they contract.  Running is an extremely high impact sport in contrast to the low impact properties.  You can cycle longer then you can run and your energy or focus will wane long before your joints/muscles/ligaments fail.  Interesting, huh?  Does running benefit cycling?  No.  But, now is the time to do it!

To run or not to run?  Depends on the time of the season. 

Sunday, I will participating in the Marin Classic which will help benefit the USA Cycling Development Foundation!  Joining me will be Dave Zabriskie, Kat Carroll, Shelly Olds, and Amber Neben!  Should be great!

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