Too school for cool.

Who like peanut butter?

A hundred hands immediately started waving in the air. I realized I was getting nervous.

Who likes bikes?

More hands.

I went on a school visit today to the Redland’s  Montessori school.   I didn’t know what I was getting myself into as I walked into a room with 100 children from the ages of first grade to sixth grade.  They anxiously awaited a presentation from a couple of the PB&CO2012 riders.  Is bike racing cool?  What can I share with these kids?  My passion? My excitement? My safety?  My health?  As soon as we started, the conversation started rolling as the kids peppered me with questions.

How do you go to the bathroom? I will tell you when you are older.

What happens if you switch water bottles? We try not to.

Can you ride a unicycle? I can’t, but apparently this little girl could.

Why don’t you wear leather?  It sounds fun, but it would probably be too hot.

Do you wear knee pads?  No, but I probably should.

If your bike is made of carbon fiber, which airplanes are made of, can it fly?  I make this thing fly.

Really?  No.  Not literally, but it goes really fast.

What happens if you crash?  I don’t crash, or at least I try not to. Next question.

How do you promote Peanut Butter & Co while racing bikes?  Wow.  Good question…See this monkey on my jersey?

Do I eat vegetables on the bike?  No, just peanut butter.

And jelly?  Yes, I have a little of that.

Have you been to China?  No, but I have been to Europe, Canada, NZL….

I have been to China.  Oh, sweet.  Good for you.

Do you go slow or fast?  Always fast.

What can I say, kids are growing on me.  I loved their energy, their questions, and their innocence.  Sometimes they just see things the way they are.

Through the eyes of babes…

Bikes are cool.

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