Wednesday Wrap-Up

Wednesday Wrap-Up Day.

I know I know.  I have been failing miserably on posting cyclocross pictures.  I just take cross SO seriously.  Ha.  No, actually I don’t, and that’s why I love it.  I can have fun, laugh at myself, and do crazy acrobatic tricks as I catapult myself through the air.  Yes.  I did an impressive “endo”, and ended up sliding on my stomach under the caution tape, and into oncoming traffic of fellow racers.  Oops.  Cross is silly, and I love it. 


It has been a fun adventure playing in the dirt, I am not going to lie.  I went on my first “dirt” ride yesterday.  I borrowed a cx bike from Kat, a trusty steel Bianci steed and took her up Railroad Grade, to the top of Tam.  I looked at the view.  I thought, I am pretty adventurous.  Yes.  Adventurous.  Actually, I am pretty tough.  I have ridden up Tam on my road bike… I have ran up on the trails.  And now, I have officially conquered Tam on a dirt bike.  Nice.  Some mountain bikers didn’t know what to think of the cx bike, and neither did I.  Those cantilever brakes don’t like stopping.  At least it showed me to descend without brakes.  I was careening down those hills like a true dirt rider.  Actually, I was grabbing all the brakes I could, they just weren’t doing anything. 

After I conquered Tam, I thought I would move on to some of my other favorite trails.  Bring on the Coastal Trail up to the Marin Headlands, Rodeo Beach and back home.  Nice.  Mission accomplished.  I did a real dirt ride.  Like I said, I am such a tough adventurer these days.  Right.  Then I had to return the bike to Kat.  Maybe I can get a cx bike someday.  Boo.

The first day of our photo shoot for the Team TIBCO/Look USA calender is complete.  One more day to go.  More details on that later, and I may even be able to sneak a couple of “sample” shots, but we will see.  We had a great time starting at Red’s Java Hut on the Embarcadero.  Great diner food!  I think we were the only “models” that would eat sausage, eggs, pancakes, and hash browns during a photo shoot.  However, this is a great dive to stop in… Burgers, Breakfast, since 1926… I highly recommend this place, they were great hosts today.  And thanks to Larry Rosa our great photographer for picking up the tab there!  He had to keep the “talent” happy, which means we needed to be fed.  What a well-educated guy.  Hungry women is never a good thing, and you add a hungry athlete to that equation?  No good pictures would have been taken. 

Today was awesome, and MM flew in from NYC in all of her stars and stripe glory to pose with her new Look 595 with a sweet custom paint job.  Great day.  One more day of pictures tomorrow!

That’s all I have for my Wednesday Night Wrap-Up.

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